• Natural distressed leather with pull-up
    • 1.5/1.7mm or 1.8/2.0mm
    • Wide range of colours
    • Suitable for fashion footwear, handbags and luggage


    • Distressed leather similar to Arizona but with a light protective finish
    • More sophisticated appearance
    • 1.2/1.4mm or 1.4/1.6mm
    • Wide range of colours
    • Suitable for fashion footwear and all types of leathergoods

    Fantasy Leathers

    • A very wide range of different prints and unusual finishes
    • Metallics, sparkle effects, flocks and a variety of coloured patterns
    • Unusual and unique looks
    • Can be used as trims or for leathergoods, shoes or bags
    • Designed to make products stand out


    • Subtle mottled effect with a metallic finish
    • 1.2/1.4mm
    • Soft feel
    • Quick delivery
    • Adds something slightly different


    • Soft patent sides 1.0/1.2mm
    • Black, red and white available from stock


    • Available in 0.8/1.0mm, 1.4/1.6mm, 1.8/2.0mm and 2.0/2.2mm from stock
    • Black only
    • Ideal for leathergoods, key fobs and all types of straps
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