Choosing Children’s Show Boots


Choosing your child’s show boots can be a tricky task. They need to be comfortable, smart, easy to slip on and off, high quality and not forgetting they need to be fashionable!

The rules of the British Show Pony Society state that children can wear top boots or jodhpur boots during showing competitions. However, most young riders prefer to wear jodhpur boots; they are ideal for both competitions and everyday use. Their flexibility provides ease around the yard and the ability to move the ankle freely while out riding.

The Hampton Boot designed by Taurus Footwear, incorporates everything that a jodhpur boot should. Made from quality leather, the boots are durable, easy to take on and off, smart, comfortable and fashionable. They are available in a number of colours, including the popular Oxblood.

Taurus Footwear also has a very descriptive size guide on the website and a great customer service department who are keen to advice on any of their footwear, making it even easier to find the correct fitting show boot for your child!

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